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Stop Compromising Your Sin!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

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I will share a personal testimony of this. For weeks, the Holy Spirit was convicting me of a sin I was holding on to. Whenever I received the signs, I would tell myself, "Nah, this isn't from God. It's not even that bad compared to the other things I used to do."

One night, He convicted me harshly. It was a boulder of conviction that pierced my heart. I started to cry. Before I repented, I read Zechariah 3:1-6 (Read it). This is where the tears also came because I knew Satan was accusing me before God, "Yeah she's doing all these works for you, but look at how she still holds on to this sin.".

I didn’t want the enemy to accuse me before God, so I repented. I went on my knees and cried out for forgiveness. I took FULL accountability and told the Lord, "Yes, I have compromised this sin. I knew it was wrong. I knew you weren't pleased with it, but I'm tired of hurting you with this and being accused by the devil." Because I was CONTRITE in heart, God forgave me and cleaned my robe in Jesus' blood and it came out sparkling white as snow. No blemish. No spot. Just like the Holy Lamb.

After repenting, the Lord prophesied through my mouth about this matter, and I will only share part of it, and it is this:

"I did not give you the right to outweigh your good deeds with your bad deeds. I am the righteous judge. I am the weigher. When I convict you of sin, you repent....My Son's blood is freely given, take advantage of It, and clean your robes, NOW!"

May you fall on your knees in repentance of a sin you're compromising, so the Lord Jesus Christ can use you for His glory.


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